The Not-So-Secret Ingredient In Our Famous Banana Cake

Remember when you were a kid, and it seemed like magic the way over-ripe bananas could transform into a loaf of impossibly fresh banana bread? What made it the best banana bread, aside from the special ingredient your mom made you swear to secrecy, was knowing it was homemade, with fresh ingredients and real bananas.

Well, we’ve taken that banana bread recipe and made it even more irresistible. Enter: Mainstreet Bakery’s Banana Cake.

Our Banana Cake is everything you love about a fresh loaf of banana bread, and more. If it seems like a no-brainer to use real bananas in a banana cake, you would be correct. Using real, fresh ingredients is key to bringing out the true, natural flavor of any recipe. But the most compelling reason we use real bananas in our batter is because it makes the cake super moist.

This twist on a breakfast favorite doesn’t just “take the cake” (pun intended), it sets the bar. What makes this cake extra special is the cream cheese filling in between the three tiers of moist banana cake, a flavor pairing inspired by its close relative, the carrot cake. And what would a cake be without icing? We finish and embellish this one with a rich chocolate ganache frosting, and delicate curls of real dark chocolate.

If you’re not yet convinced, ask your sales rep to bring you a sample slice. We promise our banana cake will not disappoint!


Idea for Presenting and Plating

Looking for a way to really “wow” your guests? Prepare dessert plates by artistically drizzling them with a Banana’s Foster sauce, and go the extra mile by garnishing the cake with a chocolate-covered banana chip (or two).