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Your source for wholesale bakery products in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest

As a wholesale bakery, we have a comprehensive offering of fresh-baked goods including Artisan breads, and traditional loaves, a variety of buns and rolls, a huge selection of breakfast products, and a decadent assortment of gourmet and custom desserts.

Bread has always been at the core of our business. But today, it’s only the beginning.

Our offering includes Artisan and traditional breads, buns and rolls, breakfast goods, cookies, cakes and desserts. We also have many specialty items and retail-ready goods as well. From our specialty Challah to our famous Coconut Cake, each of our products is baked from scratch using only the finest ingredients.

We inspect and package all products by hand to guarantee quality. Our strict adherence to FDA and industry standards ensure you recieve a fresh, wholesome, and safe product.

Our Artisan line includes a wide selection of traditional loaves and dough varieties.

Bread making is both an art and a science. Only the finest ingredients go into our Artisan Breads, and we carefully craft each loaf to ensure we’re delivering a product with nothing but the best quality, flavor, texture and aesthetic appeal.

Rustic Breads

From Sandwich Bread to Hamburger Buns and everything in between.

Our full line of breads, rolls and buns come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and an even larger selection of dough varieties to offer you the best selection and variety.

Breads & Rolls
coconut cake 2-layer wholesale minneapolis

We recommend the Coconut Cake. But our other desserts are tasty, too.

Between our dough and batter flavors, icing and frosting varieties and topping options, not to mention custom decoration we literally offer thousands of products! And if the specific combination isn’t listed below, contact us to inquire about it! Its likely that we just ran out of space.


Whether it’s Raised, Glazed, Old-Fashioned, Petite or Fancy, we’ll never call a pastry late for breakfast.

We might get technical with our bakery jargon, but that doesn’t take away from the outstanding flavor you’ll find in each of our pastry products. We offer a huge selection of donuts, muffins, bagels and other pastries in more flavors than you can list in a single breath. And if making decisions isn’t your thing, just order the “Assortment” and let us decide for you!

Breads & Rolls

Fresh from your freezer.

Many of our products are available in case and bulk quantities. Products are frozen immediately after baking to seal in freshness and remain frozen until you remove them from your freezer.

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