Quality, fresh-baked products. Exceptional customer service.

Mainstreet Bakery holds itself to core values of service and quality, and supports these with a continued interest in advancing innovation in production and adding value wherever possible for their customers.


Units Produced Daily

Original Mixer

The mixer that started it all.

Mainstreet Bakery produces over 80,000 units of fresh baked breads, rolls and pastries daily as the result of years of growth and innovation, commitment to quality, and superior customer service. They place equal value on producing fresh, wholesome baked goods to satisfy their customers and consumers, and providing nothing but excellent service to sustain this initiative. But while the company has seen these values through from inception, the reason behind its initial founding is truly to credit for the company’s exponential growth and continued success.

The company got its start back in 1992 when Tony Sisinni, chef and then-owner of The Garden Room banquet facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, started baking his own bread. “I couldn’t find good, quality bread,” says Tony, “so I decided to make my own.”

Armed with one mixer Tony began to experiment with different recipes and bread-making methods. What he didn’t realize at the time was that he was building the menu for a much larger venture — recipes which Mainstreet Bakery still uses today.

Customers were wild about the bread and word quickly spread further than the aroma coming from the back room of the kitchen. Soon the tenants of the commercial building where The Garden Room was located started demanding an outlet to purchase the fresh-baked loaves. One day a well-known restaurant called to inquire about a standing order — 300 loaves per day. Tony accepted the order went into full production, initially fulfilling the daily order on his one single mixer.

The business took off from there, growing both in size and production. But Mainstreet has never lost sight of the core reason it came into existence and today they still hold product quality and exceptional customer service as their top priorities.