…And one Coconut Cake

“Two dozen Asiago Batards, fourteen packages of White Ciabatta Hoagie rolls, ten 9″ Herb Focaccia rounds, twelve Rosemary Onion boules, ten packages of 8″ Demi Baguettes and one Coconut Cake,” I hear the the order being recalled back to the customer.

I have to smile. The customer on the other end of the phone is updating their bi-weekly order. This particular customer, a small local family-owned Italian restaurant in the metro, does fair volume for their size and location. But the reason this particular order makes me happy is not because they are calling to increase their order.

It’s because they added the Coconut Cake.

While the Coconut Cake is part of our standard Cakes & Dessert line, there’s absolutely nothing standard about this cake. It took years to perfect and after many trials, tests, tweaks and tastings, the current recipe is the best version to date.

What makes the cake so special? We could tell you, but we’d rather show you.

Order our famous Coconut Cake on your next order and see for yourself. We’re pretty confident “one Coconut Cake” could become part of your standard order as well.